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Medical Assistance Serving Humanity

Medical Assistance Serving Humanity

M.A.S.H. is in the process of planning our next trip to Sacre Coeur Hospital in Milot, Haiti. The dates for the trip are September 17th to September 24th, 2011. Our trip there last year was extremely productive. The facility is outstanding, rivaling even some United States Hospitals. The accommodation for the volunteers on the trip are also excellent having sleeping quarters, three meals a day made for us as well as abundant fresh water and soda.

Last year's trip was extremely productive from a medical standpoint, but I think I can speak for all the members of the team that it was incredibly rewarding on a professional, emotional, and spiritual level.

M.A.S.H. has received its 501c3 status, so all our expenses would be tax deductible. The cost of the trip is essentially $50 a week for team member for all of our room and board and approximately $550-650 for the plane ticket, and then gas and parking in the Miami Area Airport. All total, it should not exceed $700-750.

If you are interested in joining us on this or even future trips, please do not hesitate to contact me at my e-mail

I look forward to hearing from you and working with you in the future.


David A. Sugar, M.D., FAAOS

Current Trips

 Where: Haiti
 Date: September 17th to October 24th, 2011
 Who: All medical personnel are invited to come with us, but even if you are not trained medically we can use help in many different kinds of work.
 Interested? Contact us immediately if you are interested as paperwork takes several
weeks to process.

Who Can Be Involved

We are in need of medical services of all types, ranging from nurses, physicians, paramedics, pharmacists, and any other type of assistance staffing. We also need nonmedical help, such as people who can assist with logistics and coordination of efforts, while still providing some medical assistance. No level of experience is required. Certainly any trips will consist of members with medical experience, so you will always have guidance. Please do not feel that you have nothing to offer. I have learned that anyone with a caring heart has something to give to people in need. This may range from providing medical services to spiritual support, and in desperate times, the spiritual support perhaps has the most impact on someone's life.

Partnership with Sacred Heart Hospital in Haiti

I have been able to develop a relationship with Sacre Coeur (Sacred Heart) Hospital near Cap Haitian in the north part of Haiti. Well before the earthquake, this hospital had an excellent system in place for teams to rotate through on a weekly basis. This is a 73-bed hospital that sees 60,000 outpatients a year and offers a full range of services, comparable to that of an American hospital.

There are secure living facilities on the premises, and three meals a day are prepared for staff, so we are able to plug right into an up-and-running system. The hospital is completely staffed by Haitians and this gives us the opportunity to not only provide medical care, but also to have a heavy emphasis on teaching. It certainly has been wonderful to attend to people's medical and spiritual needs in the past, but to be able to leave the area having improved the quality of medical care for the future means these trips have a permanent impact. We are working with a foundation that will provide room and board, and will also take care of all the paperwork with the Haitian Government and the U.S. State Department.

 How MASH Began

The organization MASH was formed in response to work its' members have done in Haiti after the earthquake of January 12th, 2010. Shortly after the earthquake, the founding members were involved in a total of three trips to Haiti to provide medical care and humanitarian support to victims of the earthquake. The founding members realized that there is incredible need that will continue indefinitely in the country of Haiti and that they are part of a large network of people interested in continuing to go back to Haiti to provide support.

A large focus of MASH’s future efforts will be to provide medical and humanitarian support to people in need in the country of Haiti. Founding president of MASH, Dr. David A. Sugar has just returned from Haiti, leading a team of 11 to the town of MILOT. During this week several hundred patients were seen in the clinics and approximately 60 surgical procedures were performed. The organization’s next trip has already been planned for January or February of 2011.

The founding members also realized during the multiple trips to Haiti after the earthquake that they would like MASH to also have the ability to provide disaster relief. In particular have a capacity to be a first responder organization. This was the case with the first trip to Haiti which occurred several days after the earthquake.

Protocols have been instituted to mobilize a team should a disaster arise. A member of our organization is FEMA certified for disaster relief planning.

The medical and humanitarian aid that has been provided up to this point has consisted of staffing medical clinics (adults as well as children), providing immunizations, providing wound care, providing significant education of medical issues, performing surgical procedures, coordinating efforts to provide the above services between multiple agencies and organizations. These organizations have included the International Red Cross, the Canadian Red Cross and Norwegian Red Cross, Aid For Haiti, the Wesleyan Medical Missionary Organization, Spanish Navy, World Vision, Missionary Ventures Inc., and Hearts AFIRE as well as others.

David A. Sugar, M.D., FAAOS